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About us?

Hispanic Solutions Group was formed to help the community. It is the first consulting agency that will help you how to create your credit, repair it, improve it, face it with highly effective negotiations. Our extensive experience in the branch of credit allows us to offer services that will help you save money, create credit, correct erroneous or past information and above all have the peace of mind you need in such a complex issue.

Our group of credit specialists and experienced debt negotiators with 50 years of combined experience within the branch of collections, consultancy in student loans, medical debts, debts with the IRS and credit repair.

We strive to implement services that fit the Hispanic reality, we are culturally competent and committed to our community. We help you how to settle your debts in an organized and effective way.

Our motto “An educated community is a strengthened community”.


Guide our clients to options that allow them to get out of debt, update their credit information and build an authentic financial health through their credit.


Reduce the economic gap that our Community suffers. Helping them understand and face their responsibilities. Strengthening the community economically with weapons as simple as having credit.