Hispanic Solutions GroupPrograms and Services

Program: Your credit first

  • How to create your credit by paying your rent.
  • How to build your credit by paying your regular bills (electricity, water, telephone, trash).
  • Build credit for your children is recommended from 16 years.

Student Loans

  • Consulting on how to reduce your debt while you are at the University.
  • Consultancy for parents who signed the loan for their children.
  • Federal loans apply.
  • Orientation in programs of the forgiveness of the loan to which they apply.
  • And much more in student counseling.

Program Let’s start from scratch

  • Applies to those who have just arrived in the country and need guidance on their credit.
  • Those who left Bancarrota apply to businesses and individuals.
  • Applies to small businesses, community organizations, charter schools.

Community service programs

  • Interested in receiving training for their members on how to face situations described above, this service is completely free.
  1. Put your plan into action
  2. Review of the progress depending on the service.
  3. Stabilize your debts. Final monitoring of your credit.
  4. Final recommendations to maintain and improve your credit.


Call us at 612-275-1340 or send us an email to  info@hispanicsolutionsgroup.com